Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Uses of Bow-Tie Diagrams in Risk Management for Anesthesia Specialists

Risk management is critical to the practice of anesthesia because of the latter’s inherent risks that can lead to medication errors. To understand and reduce risks, anesthesia specialists implement risk management, which refers to the systematic process of determining, analyzing, and controlling real or potential risks and their organizational implications.

Numerous models are used for managing said risks; however, bow-tie analysis appears to be one of the most advantageous for anesthesia. It includes diverse factors that shape risks. Furthermore, it’s widely adopted by industries demanding a high degree of reliability, such as engineering and aviation.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Being Part of an Anesthesia Medical Group Is a Wise Career Choice

Without a doubt, anesthesiologists are a unique breed of doctors, the only medical professionals that are experts at managing a patient’s level of pain and consciousness. It’s also a job that pays well but without keeping you in the hospital for relatively long hours. It’s a great work-life balance that also ensures a long and satisfying medical career for years to come. Now, have you ever wondered how else you can further your career in this field?
If you want to practice more and become one of the leading anesthesia specialists in your area though, you may want to consider joining an anesthesia medical group. A group like this strives to provide superior patient care while utilizing collaborative and cost-effective healthcare treatments.
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